Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Comic Material

1. Paper
hvs, manuscript comic, mermaid paper, canson paper, kent paperm water colour paper.
2. Pencil
pencil. blue pencil, or mechanic pencil
3. Dust cleaner
4. Eraser
@rough eraser   : to remove the screen tone
@rubber eraser  : to remove the pencil sketch
5. Ruler
circle mall, mall of various forms, curves mall, mall swivel, flexible malls, mall corner,malls triangle, ruler of iron.
6. Handle of pen
There are 2 types, from plastic and wood
7. Pen point (nib)
eye pen dipped in ink bottlebecause the first time, the tip of its nib only burned seconds. because if a new, usually smooth, no rust prevent oil.
Nikko-function pen to draw the main lines in comics.bold people, animals and anything else that becomes a character in the comic.
8. White ink / white colour poster paint9. Black ink (Chinese ink / indian ink)
10. Marker pen (drawing pen)
11. Manikin
12. Rotring
There are 2 types, namely rapidograph and isograph.
isograph price is cheaper than rapidograph, and there are rechargeable in a bookstore. But if wearing isograph with're not careful, the ink will come out. So, shouldbetter use for beginners rapidograh. Refil rapidograph exist in some particular bookstore.
13. Ink correction
There are 3 types, namely liquid, topical, and stickers.
to be more tidy, and not clot, it is better to use correction ink type sticker or duct tape.But if the picture is wrong and was corrected with correction ink sticker type, the resultsagain if given the correction ink will flake and damage the image.
14. Cutter
to cut screen tone and create light effects by cutting a thin layer of screen tone. If you do not have a screen abrasive tone, can be replaced with a cutter. Although theresults are less than the maximum.
15. Brush
16. Black marker
17. Doubling tool
Tracing table, photo copy mechine, and scanner
18. Rugos
similar to the screen tone. But rugos is sticker form, such as pictures of landscapes,buildings, and others. But drawing on rugos sometimes the results are less good.
19. Screen tone
a kind of sticker. To give the color or effect on the image. such as hair coloring oreffects on, sea, trees, and others. How to wear it with a cut where you want to be giveneffect as desired tone. Then, you can give a lighting effect or the sea can be cut with acutter, After the cut, rub the sticker on the desired part. Rub with the correct tone forsticking with a good screen on the picture.
20. Polisher of texture sticker
to rub screentone to stick to the paper.

*sorry, the picture is in the process

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